Once in a Life Time.

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Professor Russell Foster, a University of Oxford neuroscientist, had some fascinating things to say in his recent Hay Festival talk about his new book "Life Time.” I thought he would give me some solid tips on how to get a good night's rest, but instead, he went into detail about how our circadian rhythm affects every aspect of our lives. 

Recounting his life's work, Professor Foster took his audience on an interesting voyage through the science of circadian rhythms, demonstrating the unexpected ways in which the time of day can affect our well-being, using insights from his own extensive work and sleep experts from around the world, such as: 

  • how a walk outside at dawn can ensure a better night's sleep\
  • how eating after sundown can affect our weight\
  • the extraordinary effects the time we take our medication can have on our risk of life-threatening conditions, such as strokes\
  • how the time of day we have a vaccine can significantly affect its efficacy\
  • how the World Health Organisation (WHO) is starting to recognise prolonged night shift work as a carcinogenic

    “Life Time” is well worth a read, who knows, it might just change your life!