DISC Communication & Psychometrics

If you are committed to maximising the potential of your employees and gaining insight into the communication behaviours and patterns that enhance employee performance, motivation and engagement, then this workshop will be a valuable addition to your learning and development programme.

  • DISC Communication Style

    Gain a deep and accurate understanding of your DISC communication style quickly, utilising the DISC communication concept (Drive, Influence, Supporting, and Consideration.)

  • Experience All Things DISC

    Here at Business Checkmate, we believe DISC psychometrics should be experienced rather than taught. We will give you every opportunity to get up and moving with all things good communication.

  • Your DISC Personality

    Receive a detailed assessment of your DISC personality types, establishing each of your DISC factors and identifying how they affect your communication, leadership and team working style.

"To effectively communicate, we must realise that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to inform our effective communication with others."

We Love DISC Training and coaching in behavioural psychometrics and communication skills.

It’s well-known that we love psychometrics here at Business Checkmate HQ, and it’s OK we don’t expect you to love them too! We do, however, believe that if you are in a role that involves bringing about and engaging the great energies and talents of your people, exploring the DISC and broader communication patterns that drive behaviour, motivation, and engagement will ultimately assist you in harnessing your team’s people power.

At Business Checkmate, we love DISC profiling because of the simplicity it brings to the field of communication psychometrics. You will grasp the DISC concept, which comprises four categories of behaviour (Drive, Influence, Supporting, and Consideration), quickly and, in doing so, gain a deep and accurate understanding of your DISC communication style.

"We asked Business Checkmate to help with providing coaching and mentoring support; to help create deeper accountability and ownership of performance and development within our operational management team as we continued with our business transformation programme.

Rachel provided both group and 1-1 coaching sessions over a three-month period - participants found the sessions professional, reflective, inspirational, engaging and informative, providing a deeper understanding of peoples’ needs, delivered with humour.

Sara Gosling – People Director, Halo Leisure

We think it is time we talk about your behaviour.

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