There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

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It appears I have moved to one of the rainiest places in the UK. Our nearby Lochaber town of Fort William really does hold the cherished title of the second rainiest place to live in Scotland! Oh my!

As I silently stash any shoes with kitten heels (sigh), I consider the value of adding another pair of Inov-8 wet weather trail shoes to my growing collection (although other good brands are available), and I wonder if the humble Ugg boot can truly withstand the Scottish storm. However, enough of my footwear and clothing dilemmas, research shows that rain has many benefits, and walking in it much more so.

Raindrops cause plants, trees, and soil to emit sweet-smelling molecules that subsequently mix and combine in the air we breathe. Studies suggest that inhaling these substances may boost our mood, while an abundance of negative air ions (produced when water and air molecules clash, resulting in a molecule with an additional charge) may promote respiratory health and immunity.

As Autumn's rainy weather arrives, why not put on your wellies and a waterproof coat and enjoy the fresh air and variety of aromas that rainfall brings. Explore areas with high levels of positive air ions, such as mountains or forests, in foggy woodlands, positive air ions are twice as common as on open terrain. Even better if it's muddy woodland, mud, believe it or not, is beneficial to your health. So, instead of taking long detours to avoid a section of bog, simply walk through it, inhaling deeply as you go.

Herewith, I give the final word of rainy day wisdom to Pooh Bear - “When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles.”